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GDPR Communication Options

In this article we will guide you through how to enable GDPR communication options of an Advanced List.

Task Roadmap

When creating an advanced list, in step 3 you can enable and set GDPR communication options by selecting the "Enable GDPR features" switch. These features indicate how you will collect and manage the personal data of the subscribers on the list.

Keep in mind that the GDPR communication options you set will be visible in the registration and profile update forms.

GDPR Communication Options

Once you enable GDPR options, you must set:

1) Title & Description: enter a title and in a brief paragraph describe the purpose for collecting personal information.

2) Options: set modes of communication from which you will collect consent for example promotion, events, or competitions.

3) Legal Info: the legal text that informs the subscriber of how and who they can contact to update their communication preferences at any time.

Note: The GDPR fields have been completed to guide you while you create your own content. These texts are by no means legal advice and you should consult a lawyer or other consultant about their adaptation to your company’s criteria.

After saving the above, click "Create" to finish your advanced list.

Once you’ve saved your GDPR Communication Options, you can edit them by selecting "Settings" then "GDPR" from your list menu.  

Now you know how to enable and define GDPR communication options. Thank you for reading.

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