How my file should be?

Apifon platform provides the ability to import your customer list through a file. This file should be in a format type that it is compatible with Microsoft Excel. More specifically the file should be in one of the following types : XLS, XLSX, CSV(comma delimited), CSV(Macintosh).

You can also download an example file from the platform and fill in your file with the data you wish to import.

This file defines the columns as the available fields (possible data that you wish to give about you customer, for example name, age, address) and the rows as the data of each customer individually.

The phone numbers should appear only one time in every excel file, more specifically in the first column of the file (column [A]).

Following the previous philosophy every field with customer’s data should appear only one time through the file columns.

Keep in mind that our platform takes values only from the first excel sheet so make sure all your data are there.