Email Verification & Domain Authentication

In this article we will guide you through how to verify your email and/or authenticate your domain in the Apifon platform.

Before start sending Email Newsletters, Apifon needs to verify that you are using a valid From email address hosted at a domain you can access. This reduces the chances your campaigns ending up in spam folders and protects your domain reputation. Email Verification and/or Domain authentication can also help you maintain and grow an engaged audience.

With Email Verification, you can verify a specific email address that you can use as a sender email.

Domain authentication concerns every email address with this specific domain, that can be used a sender. 

Email Verification

To verify an email address, click on the name of your account from the blue bar at the top, and then choose the "Account" button.


        1. Select "Account Settings".

        2. Select "Email Domains".

        3. Select "Add".

        4. Fill in the email address you want to verify, and then click "Send Verification".

        5. You will receive an email with a confirmation URL. Click on the URL to verify the email.

        6. The email status in the platform will change from "Pending" to "Verified".

  • The verification URL expires in 24 hours.
  • If the URL expires before you verify the email, the address will remain in a pending status. To verify it, delete the pending email address and add it again.
  • You can delete an email address by clicking the menu button Screenshot 2022-03-19 204215 at the right side of this address and choose "Delete".

Domain Authentication

You will need an active Premium Plan to authenticate your domain.

Τo start the authentication process, it's mandatory to Verify an email address with the form or, like the example below:     or

After verifying an email address in the format depicted above, follow these steps:

        1. Click Screenshot 2022-03-19 204215 at the right side of this address and choose "Authenticate".



        2. A window with the DKIM Keys will pop up. Copy and paste the DKIM Κeys to your DNS server in your website/platform. Then, click the "OK" button. Make sure the records you create at your domain panel are CNAME type records.

          Once DNS records are entered correctly, the domain status will be updated from "Pending" to "Authenticated". 

    If you've entered all records correctly and your authentication isn't working right away, there typically isn't a cause for concern. You may need to wait a bit longer (up to 72 hours) since it can take awhile for servers to recognize your changes. If you still experience problems, reach out to your domain provider's help site for tips on troubleshooting records in their service.

    You can have access to the DKIM Keys anytime, by clicking the menu button Screenshot 2022-03-19 204215 at the right side of your address and choosing "View Details".
    • Email verification and/or domain authentication is optional. 
    • If an email/domain is unverified, the suffix "" will be added as an extension of your sender email address.

    Now you know how to verify your email or authenticate your domain in the Apifon platform.

    Thank you for reading!