In this article, you will learn how Integrations work on the Apifon platform.

What are integrations?

Integrations allow you to connect and manage third-party services and tools within the Apifon platform and synchronize your e-commerce data. 

Why are integrations important?

  • Reach your audience: Communicate with your e-commerce customers on their preferred channel.

  • Enhanced Segmentation: Create highly targeted marketing campaigns. 

  • Onsite Tracking: Monitor and collect data on customer behaviour and interactions while they are actively engaging with your e-commerce, in real-time tracking.

How do integrations work?

To access integrations, click on Integrations on the menu on the left.

You can set up your Integration by providing configuration details of the system you wish to connect and use Google Analytics to enable the Onsite Tracking mechanism.

This way, a new list will be created and the synchronization will begin with the data import.

All new subscribers will be subscribed to receive email and mobile communications, as long as they have provided their email and/or mobile in the connected system.

  • The currently available option is the integration with CS-Cart. The feature supports the integration with CS-Cart versions 4.0.x. and later.
  • You can set up one Integration per e-commerce system

Now you know how Integrations work on the Apifon platform.🚀

Thank you for reading!