Email Delivery Reports

For every Email campaign you send you will receive a delivery report.

  1. Delivered: The email was delivered to the final recipient.
  2. Seen: The recipient received and read/opened the email.
  3. Sent: The email has been sent to the provider.
  4. Enroute: The email is routed by the provider.
  5. Rejected: The email rejected by the provider.
  6. System_error: The email rejected by the provider due to a possible problem with the message. For example, the field "from" posted in the email newsletter.
  7. Bounces: We categorize bounces into two types: Hard bounces and Soft bounces.
      • Hard Bounces: Indicates a permanent delivery error and includes the following statuses:
        • Unknown_user
        • Suppressed_list
        • General bounce
      • Soft Bounces: Indicates a temporary issue in delivery and includes the following statuses:
        • Attachment_reject
        • Content_rejected
        • General_bounce
        • Mailbox_full
        • Message_too_large
        • Undetermined_bounce
  8. Complaint: Most email clients have a "Mark as Spam," button or something similar, which takes the message to the Spam folder and forwards it to the provider. Additionally, most e-mail service providers maintain an e-mail address (eg where users can forward spam and ask the provider to take steps to protect against such communications. In both cases, the user makes a complaint. This category includes the following statuses:
    • Email_complaint
    • Email_abuse
    • Email_authentication_failure
    • Email_fraud
    • Email_marked_not_spam
    • Email_spam_no_reason
    • Email_contains_virus
  9. Not_sent: This category includes the following status:
      • Spam_control: Anti-Spam filter applied to meaning the multiple sending of the same message to the same recipient in a very short fraction of time not allowed.

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