How do I ensure that my emails do not end up in SPAM?

Some tips to prevent the sent emails from ending up in a spam folder are the following:


  • Domain Verification: Domain Verification is an essential step to ensure that your domain is valid
  • Check recipients' interaction with your previous communications.
  • Use a "clean" list. Through the delivery information/reports of each campaign, subscribers who have chosen "unsubscribe", or have received "Hard bounce" or  "System error" status should be excluded from the list. This cleans the list and deliverability to the next shipment is higher.
  • It is proposed to send communications to recipients only if there is a legal basis for the processing of their data.
  • Use the double opt-in data entry method to ensure that the addresses entered in the list are valid.
  • Avoid sending emails to recipients who have not opened the sent communications, within the last 30-90 days.
  • Unsubscribe link should be available.
  • Avoid words like Bonus, Free, promo, buy, etc in the content of the email or sentences written in capitals.