Integrate Yuboto with Apifon

In this article, you will learn how to set up the Yuboto API integration.

Before you begin

Apifon offers a routing system that allows you to bring your own provider. 

This integration streamlines the process of using Yuboto as the provider for messaging delivery (specifically for Viber) while leveraging Mookee for marketing services.

Why integrate Yuboto with Apifon

  1. By integrating Yuboto's Public API, you can leverage Mookee's advanced marketing services while still using Yuboto as your preferred provider for message delivery.

  2. If you wish to end your subscription with Yuboto, the transition of your Viber Sender ID may be delayed since it takes place on specific dates. With the "Bring your own provider" feature, once your subscription ends, your Viber Sender ID can be easily transferred to our platform.

  3. This feature addresses challenges associated with contracts or commitments with other providers.

  4. Maintain your active Viber subscription at zero extra charges.

How to set up the Yuboto API integration

To set up the integration with Yuboto with the Apifon platform follow the step-by-step process:

  1. Click on Integrations, in the menu on the left.

    integrations left
  2. Go to the Messaging Providers tab and select the integration with Yuboto.

    yuboto provider

  3. Click on Set Up Integration.

    set up yuboto
  4. Enter your Sender ID and API key to set up the integration. Click Test Connection to ensure seamless integration. If successful, you can select the Save option. The integration status will be marked as "enabled".

    connect yuboto gr

To continue with the integration, you must enter the API Key base64 encoded and Viber Sender ID, which can be found in the admin section.

The Yuboto service is suspendable feature. If you exceed the available subscriber limit or fail to fulfill your subscription payment obligations, the Yuboto service integrated into our platform will be temporarily suspended and you will be only able to send a Viber bulk campaign.


  • Will Viber messages be included in the platform's reports?
    Yes, Viber messages will appear in the platform's reports.
  • Is SMS failover an option? If so, how do we charge the SMS messages?
    SMS failover is available, and the user will be charged only the cost of the SMS.
  • Is the VSID two-way?
    Currently, only one-way communication is supported.


Now you know how to set up the Yuboto API integration on the Apifon platform.🚀

Thank you for reading!