SMS Reports

For every SMS you send you will get a delivery report.

  1. Refused
    • No Credits - (Account): your account has no balance.
    • Restricted SMS(anti SPAM): the multiple sending of the same message to the same recipient in a very short fraction of time.
  2. Undelivered
    • Unknown Subscriber:  message is undelivered because the mobile subscriber is not valid.
    • Missing parts: message is concatenated and they are not received all the parts of it.
    • Call Barred: message is undelivered because the recipient has banned incoming messages.
    • Rejected by SMSc: the destination is wrong.
    • Expired: message is undelivered because the amount of time the network tries to deliver the message has passed.
    • Teleservice Not Provisioned: message is undelivered because the recipient MS has no SMS subscription.
    • Handset error: problem with recipient's device.
  3. Delivered: message delivered successfully.
  4. Pending:
    • Accepted by smsc:  message has been received by the message center of the operator and an attempt has been made to deliver it to the recipient.
    • Absent subscriber:  subscriber's phone being switched off, due to phone out of coverage, due to roaming restriction/restricted area.
  5. Uncategorized: message for an unknown reason have not been delivered, possibly the subscriber was not available(out of network /offline).