Create SMS Campaign

In this article, we will guide you through how to create an SMS Campaign in Apifon platform.

Task Roadmap

To begin, from the Dashboard menu go to “Campaigns” and then choose the submenu "Messaging".

To create an SMS campaign, follow these steps:

  1. Click “Add” button.
  2. Select SMS Messaging.
  3. Towards the bottom of the page enter the name of your campaign.
  4. Click “Create”.

Campaign Settings

To set up your campaign, follow these steps:


Select the list for the campaign and click “Next”.


You can select the entire list or a segment of it.


To write your message, select the Sender ID (up to 11 alphanumeric characters). Write the body of your message and keep in mind that there is a character limit of 160. 

If you have already created a template, you can choose it from Templates.
If you wish to personalize your campaigns, click Fields to add a specific Subscriber Field.


To schedule your campaign, follow these steps:

If you wish to send your campaign instantly, ignore and click “Next”.

  1. Select a date for your campaign.
  2. Click and drag the "Campaign start" icon to your preferred time. You can also set your campaign’s expiration time in the same way.
  3. Click “Next”.


Check the overview of your campaign including the campaign’s name, sending date & time, number of subscribers, number of estimated messages, and selected list.

The mobile phone screen shows you a preview of your message as it will appear on the recipient’s device.

Test to your handset

Before sending your campaign, send a test message to your own mobile number or a group of numbers by following these 3 steps:

  1. Select “Test to your handset”.
  2. Enter the mobile numbers for the test.
  3. Press “Send”.

By pressing the “Start Campaign” button, your campaign will be sent. 

If you do not want the already completed campaigns to be displayed, you can archive it after selecting the campaign and selecting "Archive" in the Campaign Overview.

This way, all Archived Campaigns will no longer appear on the home page unless you choose to search by "Campaign Status".


Now you know how to create and send SMS campaigns in Apifon platform. Thank you for reading!