What is the character limit for a single SMS message?

A single (1) SMS includes 160 characters (Greek capitals or Latin) (7-bit) or 70 special characters (unicode: lowercase Greek, Cyrillic, Chinese etc) (16-bit)

GSM7: A message can be up to 765 characters in size (to consist of 5 SMS). By entering your message on platform you can check the number of characters and therefore the number of SMS.

When the length of the message exceeds the characters of 1 sms the message will be charged as 2 sms, when it exceeds 306 characters (as some characters are used to associate sms as a message) it will be charged as 3 sms etc.

Respectively multiple message is considered any 16 bit message that is more than 70 characters.

Devices show all relative sms as one message.

Each 7-bit letter counts as one character excluding € , [ , ], { , } , ~ , ^ , | and \ which equals two characters each.

We suggest that you to avoid copy text from other programs, to ensure correct sms edit.