API Integration & Tokens

In this article, you will learn how to manage API Tokens to implement an integration with Apifon.

  • Apifon provides services directly through the Apifon platform or via API integration so that you connect your application and optimize communication with your customers.
  • You can use Apifon's API to send automated Viber/SMS messages and to synchronize your list from another system to your Apifon list.
  • Apifon provides API integration in both production and staging environments.

Basic Integration Steps

If you wish to connect your application using Apifon's API, you should follow the steps below:

API Tokens

Follow the steps Account Name > Developers to Create an API Token, or Edit an already existing one. 

Types of Authentication

HMAC Token

    HMAC is a specific type of message authentication involving a cryptographic hash function and a secret cryptographic key. It may be used to simultaneously verify both the data integrity and the authenticity of a message. 

OAuth Token

OAuth is a widely used security standard that enables secure access to protected resources. 

Create an API Token

To create a new API Token, follow the steps below:

  1. Click your Account Name, and then Developers.
  2. Click the Add  button.
  3. Select the authentication type for your new Token (HMAC/OAuth).
  4. Enable the Scopes you want to be accessible through this Token.
  • Lists: Enable if you want to implement list synchronisation, and choose to give Write and/or Read permissions.
  • Subscribers: Enable to get access to subscriber information, and choose to give Write and/or Read permissions.
  • SMS: Enable to get access to send SMS messages, and set the SMS Default Sender ID you are going to use to send SMS messages. 
  • Viber: Enable to get access to send Viber messages, and set the Viber Default Sender ID you are going to use to send Viber messages. 

5. Type a Description for this Token (Optional).

6. Fill in the IPs you are going to use to send requests.

7. Click Create.


  • Read permission allows access to information.
  • Write permission allows access to edit. If a token has Write permission, it also has Read permission by default.


  • The SMS Sender ID is the SMS sender name and should be up to 11 Latin alphanumeric characters. You can use different SIDs per request. 
  • The Viber Sender ID is fixed and needs to be registered in the Viber app.
    For more information, feel free to contact our sales team at sales@apifon.com.

Allowed IPs

  • If you have a static IP, you may restrict the IPs that will be allowed to send requests on your behalf. To do so, erase the asterisk (*), and insert your IPv4.

Edit & Copy API Tokens

After you create your API Tokens, you can revisit them anytime from Account Name > Developers to view, edit, or delete them.

Copy an API Token/Key

  • To copy an API Token/Client ID click on the copy icon next to the ID.
  • To copy an API Key click Reveal , and then click on the copy icon   next to the key.

Change an API Key

  1. Select the Token.
  2. Scroll down to Additional Options.
  3. Click Generate New.
  4. Confirm Generate New Key.

  5. Click Save

  • If you generate a new API Key, it will take some time for the changes to apply.
  • Do not share your API Keys if not necessary. They are confidential, just like your passwords. 
  • Values provided inside API requests will override the default values provided in the platform.

Now you know how to manage your API tokens in the Apifon platform.  🚀

Thank you for your reading!