I am having trouble with my file!

As for the content of the file, you must be sure that there is no blank cells or blank rows inside the file as it is highly possible that the platform will recognize them as the end of the file.

In case there are math function, formulas or filters inside the file we highly recommend to delete them as they often interfere with the successful upload of the file, for example by not importing the total amount of the clients of your file or by importing clients that you have chosen to be hidden in your file. In that case we suggest that you select all the data inside your file and then from the Excel toolbar to select “Clear”>”Clear Formats” (the location of this action may differ depending on your Excel version).

If your file is exported from a CRM system it is possible that there is an encoding inside the file that interferes with the successful upload by creating an error when you select the final upload action inside the platform. Similar to the above case it is suggested that you select all the data inside your file and then select “Clear”>”Clear Formats”.

In case that your file issue doesn’t belong to any of the above we suggest that you select all the data from your file and then select “Copy”, create a new excel file and there select the “Paste as values” option that Excel provides.

In every case it is suggested to use a version that is newer than Excel 2003.