Import Subscribers

In this article we will guide you through how to import subscribers to your list in Apifon platform.

Task Roadmap

Select the list you would like to fill with subscribers and from Subscribers click “Import” if you want to upload a file or select "Add" in case you want to add only one subscriber.

Upload a file

    1. The supported file extensions are .xlsx, .xls, .csv (comma delimited or semi-colon)
    2. You can also download samples of these files and enter the subscriber’s information directly into them.
    3. Locate the file to be uploaded and click “Next”.

Match Columns

Here you can find a preview of the uploaded data and match the columns of your file with the columns of the list.

    1. If the file you uploaded has labels on the first row, keep the option "Skip first row on import" active.
    2. If you keep the “Set International Format” option active, you automatically add the prefix for the numbers on your list. If the numbers already have a country code, then they will not be added. Keep in mind that you should always set the number prefix in advance in your file in case your campaign will be sent to more than one country.
    3. Click “Next”.


    1. Categorize the imported subscribers as subscribed or unsubscribed and activate the check box ‘’I do have the consent to store and process the added data’’, in order to proceed with the import of your subscribers.
    2. Activate the option “Update my existing list” if you want to update the data of the list.
    3. Click “Import” and wait for the data to be uploaded.


When the import is complete you will be able to see how many subscribers have been uploaded from the results field.


Apifon platform detects automatically wrong or duplicate numbers and removes them during import so that your lists are always accurate. To see in detail what these numbers are, select Details” and then download the file. 

Now you know how to import subscribers into your list.

Thank you for reading!