How do I import my list correctly?

Having trouble importing subscribers into your list? Here are some tips on how to import a file successfully.

In order to make sure the platform will recognize your data when you Import Subscribers into a list, please check the below.

File Format

Make sure you use one of the supported file formats:

  • .xlsx

  • .xls 

  • .csv(,)

  • .csv(;)

You can always download a sample file by clicking Subscribers > List > List Name > Import, and paste your data inside the new downloaded file.

File Content

Make sure you enter the data in the file correctly:

  • Include no blank cells or rows in between your data. The platform will recognize them as the end of the file.
  • Include all your data in the first sheet. Additional sheets will not be detected.
  • Enter every field with subscribers' data (e.g. name, number, e.t.c.) only once. Multiple records for same destinations (mobile/email) will be detected and excluded automatically from your import.
  • Delete all math functions, formulas or filters. Especially if you export your file from another system, make sure you select all data inside the file, and from the Excel toolbar select Clear>Clear Formats.
  • Keep the column with the mobile phone numbers first (if there is one).

1. You need to include at least one destination (email/mobile) for each subscriber. Otherwise, the subscriber will not be imported.

2. Pay attention when you match columns in your import file to the fields in your Apifon list. We'll automatically match some columns for you. For example, the column that contains email addresses will match the required Email Address.


Now you know how to import your subscribers list successfully. Thank you for reading!