User roles & permissions

On Apifon’ s platform each user may be assigned a role. In this article we describe each role’s permissions.

We offer 5 different types of roles, covering pretty much every aspect of your business needs:

    1. Global Roles
    2. Marketing Related Roles
    3. Content Related Roles
    4. Audience Related Roles
    5. Reporting Related Roles

You also get to decide on the level of access each user is granted. There are several levels of access available:

    • Director
    • Manager
    • Producer
    • Owner
    • Admin
    • User

        That way, you can control what each member of the team can do and see, keeping misunderstandings out of the door, while allowing your team to reach goals faster.

        Once you are done choosing your pricing plan, as an owner or global admin, you get to add users to your account. You can add up to 3 users on a free plan all three of them will serve as global admins. But, this number climbs up to 25 users if you go premium where you get access to user roles & permissions! From that point on, the sky’s the limit!

        1. Global Roles

          • Owner: This role has all privileges of a Global Admin plus has the ability to set Owner.
          • Global admin: This role combines the duties of Directors, User Admin and Billing Admin, with the ability to Edit Account info, add, edit, and delete API Tokens, while having access in services in Profile.
          • User Admin: Adding/editing/deleting Users is this role's main task.
          • Billing Admin: Key responsibilities include billing info and notifications, editing & viewing Pricing/Providers/Transactions/Orders and Ceiling in Financial and export reports.

        2. Marketing Related Roles

          • Marketing Director: A key role that combines responsibilities of an Email Marketing Director, Direct Marketing Director, Landing Page Director and Content Director, all at once.
          • Email Marketing Director: Granted all the privileges of an Email Marketing Director, this role undertakes various tasks, from controlling a campaign's status, to antispam filtering and email tracking.
          • Email Marketing Manager: This role takes over the duties of an Email Marketing Producer plus the ability to view Email Campaign Overview and delete assets.
          • Email Marketing Producer: Key responsibilities involve creating, editing (uploading assets) and testing Email campaigns and Automations.
          • Direct Marketing Director: Acting as a Direct Marketing Director, this role controls a campaign's status, while having access in SMS and Viber tracking.
          • Direct Marketing Manager: This user is granted the privileges of a Direct Marketing Producer plus the ability to view SMS, Viber campaign overview and delete assets.
          • Direct Marketing Producer: Creating, editing and testing SMS & Viber campaigns, are the main duties of this role.
          • Landing Marketing Director: All the privileges of a Landing Page Marketing Manager combined with the ability to Publish/Unpublish and Delete Landing Pages.
          • Landing Marketing Manager: The main responsibilities of a Landing Page Marketing Producer plus the ability to view Landing Campaign Overview and delete assets.
          • Landing Marketing Producer: Creating and editing Public and Personalized Landing Pages is the main task of this role.

        3. Content Related Roles

          • Content Director: This role is granted the privileges of a Content Manager combined with the permission to delete assets.
          • Content Manager: This role can create templates for Viber and SMS templates, create and edit Automations and public/personalized Landing Pages.

        4. Audience Related Roles

          • Audience Director: Granted all the privileges of an Audience Manager plus the ability to delete lists, this role can also overview Campaign history, import & export subscribers.
          • Audience Manager: The responsibilities of an Audience Producer combined with the ability to Add & Edit Lists, while enabling and editing GDPR, adding/editing Subscriber fields and other functions.
          • Audience Producer: All the duties of a form Manager plus the ability to Add, Edit, Delete Subscribers and add segments.
          • Audience Forms Producer: This role can create, edit forms (Sign Up, Update, Unsubscribe).

        5. Reporting Related Roles

          • Reporting Director: This role acts as a Financial Reporting Manager, Email Reporting Manager, Direct Channels Reporting Manager, Landing Page Reporting Manager, all at once.
          • Reporting Financial Manager: Viewing and exporting Transactions, Orders and Ceiling in Financial, are the main tasks of this role.
          • Reporting Email Manager: Overviewing Email Campaign is this role's main duty.
          • Reporting Direct Channels Manager: Various actions, such as SMS/Viber Tracking, Viber Callbacks, SMS Queue, SMS/Viber (Failover) Tracking and Incoming SMS in Report, are permitted here.
          • Reporting Direct Channels Assistant: Viewing and exporting report from Viber / SMS tracking and from Viber and SMS Campaign. Viewing the messages content are not permitted here.


        Thank you for your reading!