Viber Delivery Reports

For every Viber message you send you will received a delivery report.

  1. Not sent, the Viber message has failed to reach the destination.
      • No Credits - (Account): The account does not have enough balance to send messages.
      • Invalid MSISDN: Not valid phone number.
      • Invalid URL: Not valid URL.
      • Restricted SMS (anti-SPAM): Anti-Spam filter applied meaning the multiple sending of the same message to the same recipient in a very short fraction of time not allowed.
  2. Failed, the Viber message has failed to reach the destination.
      • Unknown user: The recipient does not have the Viber application installed on his mobile device or has chosen not to receive messages from businesses or has added this Viber Sender ID in his Block List. The last two scenarios can be set by the subscriber in the settings through the Viber application.
      • SMS Failover (IM Unknown User): In case of Viber / Failover SMS campaign, this report means that for one of the above reasons the recipient did not receive your Viber message and it was sent to him the SMS version.
  3. Succeed, the message was delivered successfully.
      • Delivered: Message delivered successfully. The Viber application gives user the choice to deactivate the sending of "seen” status so that the messages remain in Delivered state even if they are read.
      • Seen: The recipient received and read/opened the message.
  4. Undelivered, the message failed to reach its destination.
    • Expired: Delivery time has expired.
    • Sent: The message is not delivered to the recipient yet (subscriber's device is closed or offline etc) but the provider continues to try to deliver the message.