How do I update a custom segment?

Segments are dynamic. When the subscriber data changes, you can refresh a segment and see the updated results that match its conditions.

To create or update a segment of specific subscribers that do not adhere to the same field values in your list, you can follow the steps below: 

  1. Create a new custom subscriber field with type Text (e.g. Today's Segment).
  2. Create an excel file on your computer that contains only the subscribers you want to include in the segment.
  3. Add a new column inside the file and give the same value to all rows (e.g. YES).

  4. Import the file on your list, and make sure the Update my existing list box is checked.
  5. Create a new segment to include all the subscribers in the new file, with the condition: [Your new custom field] -> is -> [The common value you set].