Can I insert videos in my Viber message?

Yes, Apifon's platform supports video in Viber messages!

To insert a video in a Viber message, you can select one of the below layouts:

  1. Video
  2. Text & Video
  3. Text, Video & Button

Then, fill in all the appropriate info in the "Video file/Video Configuration" section:

  • Thumbnail URL: max. 1,000 characters, jpg or png format
  • Video URL: max. 200 Mb, 3gp, m4v, mov or mp4 format
  • Video Duration (sec): max. 600 seconds


  • Video will be displayed in the message as the thumbnail image with a ▶ button.

  • In the Text, Video & Button layout, the button URL is filled in automatically. When the users click on it, it will redirect them to the video in a new browser window. 

  • YouTube videos are not supported by Viber's app.

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