Can I insert videos in my Viber message?

Yes, Apifon's platform supports video in Viber messages!

To insert a video in a Viber message, you can select one of the below layouts:

  1. Video
  2. Text & Video
  3. Text, Video & Button

Then, fill in all the appropriate info in the "Video file/Video Configuration" section:

  • Thumbnail URL: max. 1,000 characters, jpg or png format
  • Video URL: max. 200 Mb, 3gp, m4v, mov or mp4 format
  • Video Duration (sec): max. 600 seconds


  • Video will be displayed in the message as the thumbnail image with a ▶ button.

  • In the Text, Video & Button layout, the button URL is filled in automatically. When the users click on it, it will redirect them to the video in a new browser window. 

  • YouTube videos are not supported by Viber's app.



For your convenience, you may use the below information of Apifon's Demo Video to test the feature, before proceeding with your own campaigns:

Duration: 39 sec

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