Create a List

In this article we will guide you through how to create and configure a list in Apifon platform.

Task Roadmap

To begin, from the Dashboard menu go to “Subscribers”and then choose the submenu “Lists”.

To create a list, follow these steps:

  1. Click “Add” button.
  2. Towards the bottom of the page enter the name of your list.
  3. Click “Create”.


  1. Enter the sender ID for the SMS and Viber channels. The default sender ID is the name that your recipients will see as the sender. You can enter up to 11 alphanumeric characters in Latin.
  2. Enter the prefix of your country. Keep in mind that it is very important to enter it correctly.
  3. Enter the sender name, the “from” and “reply” to email for the Email channel.
  4. Click “Next”.

Subscribers Fields

  1. Personalize your subscribers by filling in information such as their first or last name, gender etc. Add as many fields as you like, there are no limitations. To do so, go to “Add new field”, type a name, choose a type of field, and set up the total character length.
  2. Click “Save” to import.

GDPR Communication Option

Enable GDPR compliant list options to set up and configure GDPR communication options such as legal text, description etc, depending on what you wish to send to your subscribers.

Here you can find more details on how to enable "GDPR Communication Options". 

Now you know how to create a list. You are ready to import your subscribers.

Thank you for reading!