Unsubscribe Contacts

In this article, we will guide you through how to unsubscribe a contact from a list in Apifon platform. You can do this either by selecting the subscriber from a list or by updating it.

Task Roadmap

To begin, from the Dashboard menu go to “Subscribers” and then choose the submenu “Lists”.

Unsubscribe Contacts through the "Lists"

To unsubscribe a contact, click on the list that you want to work with and then you can either:

    1. Click on the contact you want to unsubscribe.
    2. Select the “Unsubscribed” field for mobile. At this point, note that if Subscriber was imported into the list through a Signup Form, then you will not be able to change their status to Subscribed. Subscription status can only change by deleting the subscriber from the list and then adding them anew.
    3. Click “Save”.


    1. Check the “tick” mark next to the “Destination” field of the contact or contacts that you want to unsubscribe.
    2. Select “Actions”.
    3. Click “Unsubscribe”.
    4. Click "Mobile".

Unsubscribe Contacts by updating a List

To upload a list with the contacts you want to unsubscribe, follow these steps:

    1. Upload a file
    2. Select the list that you want to work with.
    3. Choose “Import”.
    4. The supported file extensions are .xlsx, .xls, .csv (comma delimited or semi-colon). You can also download samples of these files and enter the subscriber’s information directly into them.
    5. Locate the file to be uploaded and click “Next”.
    6. Then you can find a preview of the uploaded data and match the columns of your file with the columns of the list.
      • If the file you uploaded has labels on the first row, keep the first option active.
      • If you keep the “Set International Format” option active, you automatically add the prefix for the numbers on your list. Keep in mind that you should always set the number prefix in advance.
    7. Click “Next”.
    8. Categorize the imported subscribers as unsubscribed.
    9. Click “Import”.


When the import is complete you will be able to see how many contacts have been unsubscribed from the results field.

You can close the results page, your contacts have been unsubscribed.

Thank you for reading!