Set Up your Account

In this article, you will learn how to set up your account information in the Apifon platform.

To access your account information and settings, click on your Account Name on the blue bar at the top, and then Account > Account Settings.

Here, you can view and edit the below information:

Account Details 

Follow the steps Account Name > Account > Account Settings > Account Details

Here, you can review and edit the below information:

  • Company Name: The official name of your company.
  • Preferable Name: Α friendly name you may prefer to use. It can be the same or different from  the Company Name. 
  • Signup Email: The first email you used to sign up helps to identify your account in the platform. In case you no longer have access to it, you can contact our Customer Services team at to update it.  
  • URL Branding: This enables you to set your brand name in the Form and Landing Pages URLs. 

Don't forget to click Save after each edit!

Team Members

Follow the steps Account Name > Account > Account Settings > Team Members.

Here, you can view, add, edit, and delete your account users (Team Members). 

Add a Team Member

    To add a new team member, click the Add  button, fill in the new team member's information, and click Invite

    Your new team member will receive an invitation email and their status on the platform will appear as Pending.

    To accept the invitation, the new member must: 

    1. Set up their password via the invitation email.
    2. Log in to the Apifon platform.
    3. Verify their mobile number, from Account Name > Account > Profile

    When the invitation is accepted, the status will no longer appear as Pending

    • Each invitation email is valid for 48 hours. After it expires, you can click on the team member, and select Re-invite to send a new, valid email invitation.
    • You can click on a pending team member and select Revoke Invitation to delete the member from the account and expire their invitation URL.
    • Each email address can only be used once in the Apifon platform. 
    • To add multiple roles per account and manage User Roles & Permissions, you need to have a paid plan, either Pro or Basic.

      For more information regarding a paid plan, feel free to contact Sales at

    Email Domains

    Follow the steps Account Name > Account > Account Settings > Email Domains.  

    Here, you can perform Email Verification & Domain Authentication to reduce the chances of your emails ending up in Junk/SPAM folders, and remove the default Apifon suffix at the end of your sender email ("From") email. 

    Anti-spam Filtering

    Follow the steps Account Name > Account > Account Settings > Anti-spam Filtering. 

    Here, you can activate the Anti-Spam Filter⚠️ to set the minimum time that should elapse between messages to the same subscriber.

    To activate and edit the filter, follow the steps below:

      1. Switch the enable toggle on the channel you want to apply the filter (Email/Viber/SMS).
      2. Type the number and the time measurement (hours/days).
      3. Click Save.  


      Follow the steps Account Name > Account > Account Settings > Notifications.

      Here, you can manage the notifications you may choose to receive regarding your remaining balance on the platform.  

      To activate the notifications:

      1. Switch the enable toggle.
      2. Fill in the Balance Limit. When your available balance drops to this limit, you will receive the first Low Balance Notification. 
      3. Fill in the Step. Each time your available balance decreases by this amount, you will receive an additional Low Balance notification. 
      4. Click Save.  

      • For example, if you set the Balance Limit to 100€, and the Step to 20€, you will receive the first notification when your balance drops to 100€, and again at 80€, 60€, 40€, 20€, and 0€.
      • You can manage the email recipients of these notifications following the steps: Account Name > Account > Billing > Billing Info > Contact Emails.


      Follow the steps Account Name > Account > Account Settings > Security. 

      Here, you can enable or disable the Two Factor Authentication (2FA) function.

      If you enable the 2FA function, all your account users will only have access to the platform after they fill in a One Time Password (OTP) they will receive on their mobile phones. This adds a higher level of security to access your account. 

      You may enable the 2FA function for a specific user by logging in via this user and following the steps Account Name > Profile > Security.

      Now you know how to set up your account in the Apifon platform.  🚀

      Thank you for reading!