Use Viber Deep Links

In this article, we will guide you through how to add deep links in your Viber message, using the Apifon platform.

Viber deep links is a feature that allows you to perform actions inside Viber's application.

When creating a Viber Message, you can add a deep link so that when the subscribers click on it, an action within Viber's app will be performed, instead of opening a landing page.

You can use the deep link by inserting it into your Viber Quick message or Campaign or template, either in the button's URL field or in the text area. 

Available Viber deep links are the following:

  1. Click to Call - viber://keypad?number=<number>
  2. Open Chat - viber://chat?service=<serviceid>
  3. Public Account - viber://public?id=<uniqueID>
  4. QR Scanner - viber://more/qr
  5. Chatbot Conversation - viber://pa?chatURI=<URI>
  6. Chatbot Info Screen - viber://pa/info?uri=<URI>
  7. Custom Chatbot Context - viber://pa?chatURI=<URI>&context=<YourContext>

Choose what suits you best, follow the guidelines below, and make your Viber messages more interactive!


1. Click to Call deep link: viber://keypad?number=<number>

Redirects to the Viber keypad filled with your number. 

Type the deep link, and replace <number> with the digits of your phone number,  along with the corresponding country code (e.g. 30). 

2. Open Chat deep link: viber://chat?service=<serviceid>

Redirects to the chat window of your 2way Sender ID.

Type the deep link, and replace the <serviceid> with the serviceid  of your 2way Sender ID. 


Note: You can use this feature only if you have a 2way Viber Sender ID. 

3. Public Account deep link: viber://public?id=<uniqueID>

Redirects to your Public Account (feature by the Viber application).

Type the deep link, and replace <uniqueID> with your unique ID number, provided by Viber. 

Note: You can use this feature only if you have a Public Viber Account.

4. QR Scanner deep link: viber://more/qr

Redirects to a QR scanner inside the Viber application.

Type the deep link, and leave it unchanged.

5. Chatbot conversation deep link: viber://pa?chatURI=<URI>

Redirects to a conversation with the bot and triggers a conversation started event.

Type the deep link, and replace <URI> with your Chatbot URI.

Note: You can use this feature only if you have a Chatbot.

6. Chatbot Info Screen: viber://pa/info?uri=<URI>

Redirects to the info screen of the bot.

Type the deep link, and replace <URI> with your Chatbot URI.

This deep link is supported on Android and iOS, but not on Desktop.

7. Custom chatbot Context: viber://pa?chatURI=<URI>&context=<YourContext>

Redirects to a chatbot conversation with custom context for every subscriber. 

First, type the deep link, and replace the word <URI> with  your Chatbot URI.

Then, delete the phrase <YourContext>, and select a Subscriber Field to replace it. 

If you  have any questions regarding your current Viber Sender ID , feel free to contact us!

Now you know how to use a deep link URL in your Viber message in Apifon platform.

Thank you for reading!