Messaging Campaigns

In this article, you will learn how to manage your messaging campaigns on the Apifon platform.

A messaging campaign allows you to send the same message to multiple recipients, at the same time. You can send it towards your whole list or a specific segment of your list. 

After the campaign is completed, you can review the Campaign Overview and investigate your audience's interaction with the messages. 

Create a Campaign

To create a new messaging campaign, follow the steps below:

  1. Click Campaigns > Messaging.
  2. Click Add
  3. Select if you want to create an SMS, Viber or Email Campaign.
  4. Type the campaign name. Your recipients will not be able to view this name. 
  5. Click Create.
  6. Design and send your campaign according to each channel's instructions. 


Campaign Status

Depending on the campaign stage, success or failure, you can see the below campaign statuses on the platform:

  • Set Up: Your campaign is still in the editing stage. You can close and re-open this campaign anytime and continue the edit. 
  • Loading: The platform is processing your list. The campaign has not started yet. 
  • In progress: Your campaign has started, but it is still unfinished.

  • In progress: Your campaign has temporarily stopped because of insufficient credits on your account.
  • Paused: You have temporarily stopped your campaign. You can click Resume anytime.
  • Finished: All messages have been sent and your campaign is completed successfully.
  • Suspended: Your campaign has stopped, because you have reached the email limit.
  • Failed: There was something wrong with your campaign. Please contact our customer service team at to investigate it further.
  • Archived: You have archived this campaign.  
  • A campaign remains in status In progress for a few hours to allow you to Top Up your account. The campaign will be automatically resumed either way. 
  • A campaign is in status Finished when all messages have been sent. This does not mean that all messages were delivered. To review the delivery rate, you can check the Campaign Results


Manage your Campaigns

When you click on a campaign, you can take the actions below:

  • Click on Delete to delete a campaign. 
  • Click on  Duplicate to copy a finished campaign. You can edit the copied campaign as you like. 
  • Click on Tracking to see the message reports for each recipient of a finished campaign. 
  • Click on Preview to see the message content of a finished campaign. 
  • Click on  Archive to archive a messaging campaign. 
  • When you browse your previous campaigns, remember to click on the calendar icon to set the time range and get the desired results. 
  • You may view your archived campaigns by using the Campaign Status filter on the Search tool. 

Campaign Overview

After a campaign ends, you can assess the campaign performance, including Delivery Rate, Open Rate, Bounce Rate, Click-Through Rate, top clicked links, and subscribers with the most opens.

Campaign Overview EN

  • Depending on the channel, there are different statistics for an Email, a Viber, and an SMS Campaign.
  • The campaign results are dynamic and updated live. Every time you click Refresh, you will get the latest results. 

Now you know how to manage your messaging campaigns in the Apifon platform.  🚀

Thank you for reading!